Team Building


Siyavaya Adventures is the expert in providing fun and memorable corporate team-building activities!

We firmly believe that corporate team-building activities and events should be safe and fun.  Furthermore, they should motivate and engage your team and colleagues and provide a memorable experience for all participating.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it…

We work with clients from all industry sectors, providing team-building events and activities to suit simple and complex briefs. As a result, we can help you select the perfect activity for your next team-building day, conference, meeting, or corporate away day.


Outdoor team-building activities to help you build a great team!

Outdoor team-building activities are great fun and the perfect way to encourage friendly competition between team members.  They are the ideal option during the warmer spring and summer months.  If you are feeling particularly brave, they are just as fun in autumn and winter – but don’t forget to wrap up warm!

If you have been in a conference room all morning (or even for a few days) and are looking for some team-building games that will re-energise your team and blow the cobwebs away, you can’t quite beat getting outside in the fresh air.


We all know the importance of team building. It’s how we build relationships, foster creativity, and innovtor to succeed. One way that team building is done today is through problem-solving activities.


Teams improve morale and encourage employees to work together because teams are better able to solve problems together when they’re more engaged with each other It Foster better communication skills among team members, especially amongst remote teams.

Provide an outlet for creative thinking and increase confidence in employees who may not otherwise speak up or participate in departmental meetings.

Group problem-solving activities help your team increase productivity and motivation within the workplace and can align employees with company goals and objectives.

Improve team members’ mental health by reducing stress and improving the moods of team members.

Problem-solving team-building activities are hands-on, creative, and collaborative. They help team members trust each other mtor to grow their relationship as teammates. Often problem-solving team-building activities can be done virtually, which is essential for virtual teamssmallmote companies that don’t have the opportunity to interact face to face.

What is problem-solving in team building?

Rather than having so-called frivolous fun with icebreaker questions and virtual happy hours (those types of team-building activities do have their place), problem-solving games are about identifying leadership and decision-making skills by solving problems.

The more efficient a team is at problem-solving activities, the more successful they can be at solving real-world workplace problems.

Our programs offer a good balance between low-impact problem-solving and high flying

personal challenges (not compulsory)

We aspire to deliver motivational team activities that strengthen your corporation’s vision and objectives. We are passionate about providing you with customized interactive solutions to meet your individual and corporate needs

Groups are divided into smaller teams, each accompanied by one of our excellent staff

members and they stay busy for the duration of the program.


Team cohesion in the workplace is crucial. Enhance productivity with our corporate activities.


Bring out the best in those around you. Build confidence within the team and watch your leaders emerge


Siyavaya team-building packages have shown improvement in students’ social and academic results.



Quad Tour

Climbing wall

King Swing




Tug of War (Long Strong Rope)

Race in a Bag (Big strong bags that can be used for racing by using a bag to jump from start to finish)

Pass the Bucket (Plastic Chairs, 20L Plastic Buckets, Blind Folds, Water)

Three Leg Race (Rope to tie legs together

Egg on a Spoon Race (Dessert Spoons, Fresh Eggs

Musical Chairs (Plastic Chairs & Portable Music Box with Music

Food Competition (½ Loaf of Bread, 1L Cokes


Problem-solving is a critical skill for professionals, and with team-building problem-solving activities, you can sharpen your skills while having fun simultaneously.






R290 per person

Three types of meat, three salads, fresh bread rolls, and a delicious homemade dessert set up and prepared at Siyavaya. The price includes tea or coffee and a soft drink.


R115 per person

Two sandwiches, cheese, and biscuits, a piece of fruit, a homemade crunchie, chocolate and a box of juice and 500ml mineral water.


R250 per person

Includes a selection of sandwiches, cold meats, pickles, cheese, biscuits, vegetable crudités and dip, biscuits, fruit, and cold drinks.


Spring water is included in the program price. Soft drinks can be purchased in cash from the coffee shop.

No alcohol is to be consumed before activities, please, and no alcohol is permitted in Siyavaya Park.

Keep in Mind

We also have a coffee shop that sells giant cappuccinos, chocolate cake, and toasted sandwiches.

Our Coffee Shop menu is available online or can be emailed to you on request.


A minimum of 10 people is required for team-building programs.

Significant group discounts applicable:

50-69 pax 10%

70-99 pax 15%

100+ 20%

Quad Bikes

A refundable breakage deposit of R2500 per tour is payable if Quads are included in a program.

Payment and Cancellation Policy Payment Policy

Payment Policy

Prior booking is essential for Team Building programs. We accept Visa and Master cards and bank transfers paid directly to the Siyavaya Bank Account.

To confirm the dates, we require a deposit of 50% on acceptance of the quote. The balance is due two

weeks before arrival.

Once final payment has been made, no refunds will be given for guests not arriving or choosing not to


Cancellations Policy

Cancellation before 14 days: 25% refund.

Cancellation within seven days: 50%

Cancellation within 24hrs No refund. 

Inclement weather – Refund only given if Siyavaya cancels a program.

Want to know why we are called Siyavaya?

We would be happy to tell you the story over a cup of coffee…